Getting Started

What is Mbeats?

Mbeats is a music application, specially designed for your smart devices such as phones and tablets, featuring the hottest local artists, albums and tracks, available to be streamed 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Mbeats allows you to browse, stream and listen to songs on-the-go, directly from your phone!

Simply download the app onto any compatible smartphone with and your MPT and Ooredoo SIM cards to start enjoying Mbeats today.

How do I download Mbeats?

Mbeats is available in Google Play Store for Android devices and in App Store for iOS devices.


1.    Download from Google Play Store:

- Go to Google Play Store.

- Search for ' Mbeats '.

- Download Mbeats directly onto your smartphone.


3.    Download from App Store:

- Go to App Store.

- Search for ' Mbeats '.

- Download Mbeats directly onto your smartphone.

Which mobile Operating Systems support Mbeats?

Mbeats will work on Android devices with a minimum version 4.4 and above and iOS devices with a minimum version of iOS 9 and above.

How do I use Mbeats?

1.   Login using your MPT and Ooredoo number.

2.   Ensure you have a valid Mbeats subscription [link to Subscribe page]

3.   Begin your music discovery with Mbeats.


How do I find music?

By Playlist

Scroll through the Playlists on the home page, tap on a Playlist you like, and press Play. To view more, select More Playlists and select from the list of categories. Our local music experts have curated a soundtrack for every mood - just choose your Playlist and hit play - it’s that simple!


By Artist

You can also search for your favorite artist using the search bar at the bottom of the app. From any artist, you can select Play Artist Playlist to play both them and similar artists, or select the icon to the left, which will create a Playlist of that artist only.


By Album

Search for an album using the search bar at the top of the app and either select Shuffle Play (to play the songs in random order) or play sequentially from any track by selecting that track.



How do I go Offline?

Go to Setting, and select Offline mode. To navigate within the app again, select Online mode.

If you’re in flight mode, and you want to listen to music simply go into the app, and you will be able to listen to your previously downloaded tracks.

(Please note that you will need to connect once a day to ensure that your subscription remains valid)



Where do I find my favorites?

Favorite allows you to mark any artist, album or Playlist  you are listening to as a favorite so that you can conveniently locate it at any time. You will find your favorites in the My Music tab

How can I listen on the go?

There’s 2 ways you can listen when you don’t have access to a WiFi connection.

To allow streaming via mobile data, go to the Support tab in your Profile and turn this setting on.

Otherwise, you can download Playlists and albums to play offline (insert link to relevant FAQ) 




Curated Playlists

There is a selection of channels to choose from such as Pop, R&B, Workout, Party... right through to a selection of local music genres.

Wake up easier. Work out harder. Dance with more feeling or simply stream the top trending chill out tracks. You’ll find a music genre to suit every mood.


Save your favorite Playlists and albums to listen offline by tapping on the download icon. Once the songs have downloaded to your phone, you will be able to easily find them in your My Music tab.  And even if you are connected, and you’ve previously downloaded a track, it will play from your memory, saving your data.


View your downloaded albums and Playlists by choosing the relevant tab.


My Music

In this area, you can view your downloads, go offline and view recent music you’ve played as well, as anything you’ve tagged as a favorite.



Share the music you are listening to on social media by hitting the share button wherever you see it.



Create your own profile on Mbeats. As a user you can update your details directly from your phone. Edit your account settings, add or change your profile picture, set your preferred language and username, and manage your subscription.



How do I subscribe to Mbeats?

1.     Login to Mbeats using your MPT or Ooredoo number.

2.     Select 'subscribe'.

3.   Enter your One Time Pin which was sent by respective operator, the subscription amount will be deducted from your Top Up balance.

4.     Start using Mbeats

Subscription fees will cost 90 kyats per day (including 5% commercial tax) and can enjoy unlimited songs everyday. 

More Help

How do I contact Support?

If your question isn’t covered in the FAQs, you can contact us at

Or find us on Facebook [facebook ].


You will find your customer number in the Setting of your Profile page - this will help our team to identify your account.